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nidec group

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Nidec (Control Techniques)

Control Techniques
is a successful global engineering company. The firm's global HQ and main factory is in the UK, while subsidiary sites are located in Romania, China, India and the US. Meanwhile, sales offices are maintained globally.
Control Techniques provides products, solutions and services to meet a wide range of crane and hoist applications across many industries. Our drives are installed in ports around the world; they deliver superior performance, are compact, modular and span a wide power range, making them an ideal solution for installation
Variable frequency drives from Control Techniques can utilize our high torque capability coupled with the ability to start and stop quickly to maximize operation time by minimizing the wait for transition periods. Even when maintenance is required on the equipment.



Nidec (Leroy Somer)

LEROY-SOMER, the leading provider of drive systems, offers solutions that meet the requirements of the automotive industry.
Drive mechanisms for the whole automotive process
Throughout the manufacturing process for a vehicle, from steel blanking to positioning, passing through robotic tools, spray booths and drying cabinets before arriving at the test benches and assembly and machining workshops, all LEROY-SOMER drive mechanisms, motors, brake motors, geared motors and variable speed solutions comply with the requirements of the process.
Regulatory requirements, standardization requirements
Whether in terms of compliance with standards or special instructions for the automotive process (dual nameplates on motors, special codes, etc) or meeting the standardization objectives of reducing the number of part numbers on production sites, LEROY-SOMER offers solutions that satisfy all these requirements.

Supporting car maintenance services
With its global network, LEROY-SOMER offers a complete range of services, on-site repair, maintenance, spare parts logistics, outsourcing of stock, etc.